3 Main Objectives That Everyone Should Know In South Park: Phone Destroyer

Millions of online users are spending time in South Park: phone destroyer and it is amazing for us. It is developed for both android and IOS mobile operating systems by Ubisoft. In which you can meet with worldwide players and smash many PVP battles for protecting the land. Upgrade various characters by some kinds of cards, but along with it, we will face some challenging tasks.

 Unlock your characters and get a big amount of currency. Most of the players are going with some smart tools like the south park phone destroyer cheats, and such cheats are not taking much time for collecting currency. You can anytime take benefits with it and make your right ranking in the gameplay. Before going to play, we should know some main objectives.  

Weekly team wars 

Build your amazing team for some kinds of war and boss battles. Several weekly team wars are effective for leveling up in the game, so we should not skip that kind of advantage.

Get stunning outfits or tools

Customize many things by new outfits, and for it, the players have to spend some amount of currency. Open new looks by join live events and win big battles.  

110 special cards 

Cards are unavoidable parts of the gameplay, and they are making us stronger for live battles. Grab various cards, and every single card contains unique powers to destroy your rivals. The players must know about the powers of such cards.